Uzin NC 111 BiColor

Uzin is presenting a world first: the first putty that thinks for itself and communicates its readiness to be applied through a change of colour. Thanks to the worldwide unique colour change, processors can reliably see the readiness for application of the putty with the naked eye. The gypsum filler, which dries quickly, is suitable for producing smooth substrates with a maximum layer thickness of 10 mm for the subsequent laying of textile and elastic floor coverings.

The Uzin NC 111 BiColor gypsum filler indicates that the floor is ready for laying by changing the colour. In the course of its drying time of eight to ten hours, the colour of the putty begins to change from light green to salmon with increasing drying. The putty is ready for covering when the entire surface has changed its colour to salmon red. This saves the processor multiple moisture tests and the drying time can be used productively.

"The readiness for covering has always been the decisive issue when laying floor coverings. If a floor covering is laid too early on the levelling compound, bubbles can form or odours can develop," says Thomas Schneider, Head of Application Technology at Uzin. "With Uzin NC 111 BiColor there is now clarity - no matter what climate prevails on the construction site. Thanks to the full-surface color change, the fabricator can immediately see whether the installation can begin.

The color change offers an additional advantage: it also indicates defects during adhesive application. Dispersion adhesives applied discolour greenish in the already dried mass due to the colour indicator. This makes it easy for the installer to recognize if the adhesive for floor installation has not been applied over the entire surface by mistake. This provides additional safety when laying elastic and textile floor coverings.

Balanced properties

The product is additionally rounded off by its balanced properties. The reliable readiness for covering textile and elastic floor coverings is recognisable by the colour change. Depending on the construction site conditions, this takes between eight and ten hours.  Uzin NC 111 BiColor has a very high strength (C50), despite the fact that the mass is very low-tension, and can therefore withstand almost all load situations, e.g. high loads in residential, commercial and dry industrial areas, such as hospitals, highly frequented shopping centres or industrial halls. An extremely good flow as well as a very smooth surface make the levelling compound a reliable product for optimum laying results.

The product is suitable for the subsequent laying of textile and elastic floor coverings of all kinds, such as PVC/CV coverings, design coverings, rubber coverings, linoleum, cork, parquet of all kinds as well as ceramics and natural stone coverings.



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