The long-standing house of Lodenfrey is one of the most well-known and renowned addresses in Munich, combining traditional style with international trends. To ensure that the special quality and exclusivity would also be reflected in the shopping experience, Holz Studio Oberacher was commissioned with designing the new salesroom - no easy task, with 850 m² of surface area in need of refurbishment. Fortunately, UZIN was on hand as an all-around competent partner for pushing ahead this project, bringing the highest product quality and the requisite experience, so that these “special tasks” could be mastered with as much confidence as a standard order.


Building type Shop and store fixture (International)
Country Germany

The challenge.

The biggest challenge was the existing substrate. Before the rehabilitation work, this consisted of rolled asphalt screed, natural stone, cementitious screeds, and various tiled floor coverings. The various floor coverings and deep hollow spots made cementitious trowel application impossible. A different alternative had to be found, with the goal of preventing tension from setting and creating 850 m² of homogeneous substrate that was ready for covering.

The solution.

The solution took three steps. In the first step, loose and labile parts were stripped away. After thorough cleaning, the existing blemishes were filled in with 3250 kg of UZIN ER 200, a reactive resin screed, and the special filler UZIN XS. The 2-component epoxy resin moisture barrier was able to be applied in the second step once the overhanging areas had been subsequently bevelled. This ensures that the areas close to the ground can’t release moisture into the floor coating. 580 kg of UZIN PE 480 were used for this. During the second coating, 2500 kg of UZIN fine sand 0.3 was sprinkled on as a bonding agent. The expansion strips that were subsequently added ensure that no sound can carry through the walls and columns. To prepare the floor for the final step, trowel application, 525 kg of UZIN NC 118 gypsum repair compound was used to fill in the deep eruptions and holes. Particular precision was needed here, because the carpenter had already finished the furnishings. So 5800 kg of self-levelling gypsum smoothing compound was spread on at a perfectly uniform height, 850 m² of UZIN Multimoll Top 4 stress-relief mats were inserted, and rolled over with 100 kg of 2-component PUR wood flooring adhesive UZIN MK 92 S.

The implementation.

A particularly even result, and in spite of the different floor coverings on the subfloor - no easy task, but thanks to the compatible products from the UZIN range, the team from Holz Studio was able to yield a perfect result in fifteen days. “We reached out to several manufacturers at first, of course, but after describing the preexisting conditions, no one thought they could guarantee successfully putting it into action with their products. UZIN accepted responsibility first, and compiled a selection from their product range for us that the company guaranteed would achieve the desired result.” Martin Oberacher is very satisfied with the cooperating with UZIN.

The result.

The result was an upscale, high-class look after 615 m² of two-ply, herringbone-patterned wood block flooring had been installed on the newly refurbished floor. The area is designed to look especially pleasing to the eye with the installation of frieze edgings, which not only create a harmonious transition to the areas laid with porcelain stoneware tiles, but also provided an elegant border for the whole room. The perfect showroom
for displaying the new Lodenfrey collections.

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