When it comes to luxury vinyl tiles (LVT), UZIN has pioneered systems for a long time. In 2000 the first system for installing LVT with UZIN KE 66, UZIN NC 170 and UZIN PE 360 was on the market and set the standard.

Even today, it is the most popular of its kind.

Typically with UZIN, new innovations followed, such as the switchTec® dry adhesive technology for quick and easy LVT installation and removal. UZIN levelling compounds were also enhanced with the LevelPlus Effect, allowing for the perfect installation of LVT. Last but not least the constantly growing assortment of machines and special tools from WOLFF as well as the cleaning and maintenance products from UZIN Care round off the LVT product portfolio for perfect installations of LVT.

Thanks to almost 20 years of know-how in the development of systems for LVT, UZIN now has a complete range, which offers an optimal solution for every situation. Simply select the right for you, depending on the object, situation, application and preference – for perfect result for every situation.



The proven system


The high-performance system


The All-in-One System for old substrates


The good base system


Tools and accessoires for LVT installation

The proven system

UZIN KE 66 | UZIN NC 170 LevelStar | UZIN PE 520

With UZIN‘s conventional system, tried and tested for almost 20 years, LVT can be installed perfectly in 90% of cases. It is not for nothing that it is one of the most popular systems of its kind, as confirmed by the latest customer survey conducted by the German trade magazine FussbodenTechnik.



Fibre-Reinforced Wet Adhesive

Incorporated microfibres guarantee the dimensionally stable bonding of LVT and reduce the residual impression behaviour to a minimum. In addition and as usual, UZIN KE 66 meets all requirements regarding EMICODE®EC1 PLUS and the Blue Angel.


+ high shear strength adhesive resulting in reliable and dimensionally stable installation
+ no joint development
+ increased suction for smooth floor covering
+ recommended by leading floor covering manufacturers




The high-performance system

UZIN KE 68 | UZIN NC 170 LevelStar | UZIN PE 520

A system with special adhesive is recommended for areas in which heavy wear, such as high temperatures and temperature fluctuations, frequent wet cleaning or high mechanical loads, are expected.



1-Component Hybrid Adhesive on STP Bases

Ready to use and user-friendly, this special adhesive is suitable for areas with higher loads and requirements. UZIN KE 68 convinces with its excellent dimensional stability, especially when exposed to heat or when water is introduced from above via the joints. UZIN KE 68 is also suitable for areas with higher mechanical loads. In addition, UZIN KE 68 meets all requirements regarding EMICODE® EC1 R PLUS and the Blue Angel.


+ high dimensional stability
+ high temperature resistance
+ ready to use
+ good ridge formation



The All-in-One System for old substrates

Sigan Elements


If LVT is to be installed quickly and removably on existing smooth floor coverings, Sigan Elements is a must. Completely without machines, dirt, smell or noise, flooring can be bonded directly to the floor covering. Thanks to its immediate readiness for walk-on and setting to traffic, floors can even be changed during operation.





High-Performance Adhesive


With the patented special adhesive film, you can bond the new LVT directly onto the existing old covering and if necessary, remove it without leaving any residue – the substrate remains unchanged. Simple, fast and clean.


+ no working times, high output of m² per hour
+ can be installed on existing floor coverings (PVC, linoleum, etc.)
+ immediately ready for full loads, installation during running operations
+ easily removable without residues
+ no time pressure when working on doors etc.

The good base system

UZIN NC 170 LevelStar | UZIN PE 520

The special feature of loose lay installations is, as the name suggests, that the floor covering elements are installed in a floating manner, without adhesive. Any unevenness in the substrate must be levelled if perfect results are to be obtained. UZIN levelling compounds with Level Plus Effect S offer the perfect solution. In combination with the right primer, the perfect basis for optimally installed LVT is created.


Premium Levelling Compound

The self-levelling, extremely smooth cementitious levelling compound with Level Plus Effect S produces best results. And that without depth limitation.


+ quickly ready for covering
+ superior flow characteristics, even better results with installed flooring surfaces


Mortar Additive

Special dispersion additive for UZIN cement-based levelling compounds.

Additional benefits:

+ Plasticizer for levelling compounds
+ Diluted with water as a wet primer
+ increases surface strength







What makes our range of luxury floor covering so special? In order to achieve perfect installation results, we offer you wet and dry adhesives, primers and levelling compounds, as well as a continuously growing range of machines and special tools from WOLFF, supplemented by universal adhesive tape for flooring strips and skirting boards. The cleaning and care products from UZIN Care round off the product portfolio for the efficient installation of LVT.

This makes UZIN the only supplier in the world to offer you a complete product range from installation to maintenance of LVT.



The all-round carefree kit

The Wolff Design Collection offers a packaged range of tools for the technically perfect installation of luxury floor coverings. All of the tools have a very robust construction and allow work to be carried out comfortably and safely, making them tailor-made for this area.


Linocut seam cutter:

Perfect seams for all resilient and needle punch floor coverings. Different stops for a range of applications.


Comes with stop for bevelling floor backing and cleaning folded edges.

Duo pressure roller:

To roll down the floor covering – now with new stable design.

Mitre-box scissors for luxury floor covering:

Double action, with stop.




Installing skirting quickly, reliably and without solvents? With UZIN U-Tack you have a clear advantage over wet-bonding, hot-bonding, nailing and bonding with solvent-based adhesives.


A perfect finish - double-sided adhesive tape for skirting boards

The transparent, double-sided universal adhesive tape lets you install skirting board and floor covering strips easily, quickly,clean and environmentally compatible. UZINU-Tack does not become brittle, bonds securely and durable.


+ universal use
+ for time-saving application
+ solvent-free / complies with TRGS 610 (technical regulation for dangerous substances)


With UZIN product systems, you´re best positioned for installing LVT.

Leila Duncan
State Manager NSW

UZIN Sigan Elements Dry adhesive film backing for covering-on-covering installation

Dry adhesive for PVC design coverings, dirt-trapping mats and Flotex on structure-free commercial floor coverings

  • quick and easy installation
  • floor covering is immediately ready for foot…

UZIN PE 650 1-Component Flex Trowel-Applied Primer

Cement based dispersion primer and filler

  • fills, seals and smoothes in one application
  • sets hydraulically
  • application thickness up to 4 mm
  • flexible when set
  • up to 25% more coverage compared to…
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