How can new luxury vinyl floor tiles be quickly installed onto existing floor coverings

Sigan Elements

Removing old floor coverings may require the use of machinery making the process expensive, noisy, dusty and dirty. Sigan Elements offers a quick, clean and reliable solution because luxury vinyl floor tiles can be installed onto existing floor coverings. The metal-reinforced special adhesive system Sigan Elements also counteracts plasticiser migration, whereby adhesives or installation materials react with the floor covering, which can cause joint formations and dimensional changes. Luxury vinyl floor tiles installed onto existing floor coverings has never been so easy! As with all switchTec adhesives, Sigan Elements tape leaves no residues when the luxury vinyl floor tiles is later removed.


Step by step guide:

UZIN Sigan Elements Dry adhesive film backing for covering-on-covering installation

Dry adhesive for PVC design coverings, dirt-trapping mats and Flotex on structure-free commercial floor coverings

  • quick and easy installation
  • floor covering is immediately ready for foot traffic and loading
  • later removal leaves no residues

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