Preparing subfloors

Level and smooth substrates

Preparing subfloors

Level and smooth substrates

Level and smooth substrates

The range of UZIN’s levelling and smoothing compounds is designed in such a way that it is always possible for the user to manage the ideal prerequisite for secure, professional flooring installation of all textile, resilient floor coverings or wood flooring, with any substrate situation. Whether it’s a substrate with labile segments, coarse ruptures, or adhesive residues in renovation, or cementitious or gypsum-based substrates in a new building. Whether for low or extremely heavy wear. UZIN levelling and smoothing compounds also offer planning security in terms of readiness for covering. This even applies in unfavourable climatic conditions.

Level and smooth substrates

L3 Moisture Control Rapid Drying 2-Component Smoothing Compound

Two component smoothing compound for use in areas with high residual moisture

  • excellent flow
  • very low stress
  • good adhesion and bond strength
  • smooth finish

NC 196 Fibre-reinforced cementitious levelling compound

Self-levelling, fibre-reinforced and low-stress levelling compound for all floor coverings and multi-ply wood flooring for thicknesses from 2 to 40 mm

  • excellent flow properties
  • quick setting and drying
  • low stress
  • good absorbency
  • good compressive and tensile strength

UZIN NC 170 LevelStar Cementitious premium levelling compound

Self smoothing compound with high load-capacity for all floor coverings and wood flooring without any limitation in thickness

  • excellent flow characteristics
  • ready to accept floor coverings after 6 hours*
  • very high strength
  • very smooth surface

UZIN NC 750 Industrial Base

Self smoothing, mineral coating with coarse aggregate for creation of bonded substrates with thicknesses from 5 to 50 mm

  • good flow
  • low stress
  • good absorbency

UZIN NC 888 S Skim Coat

Rapid drying smoothing coat

  • no primer required
  • extremely rapid drying
  • excellent surface finish
  • good adhesion and very smooth finish
  • good absorbence

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