How can floor coverings be installed extremely quickly onto old substrates?

With UZIN NC 172 BiTurbo.

With flooring renovation, working and down times should be as short as possible. With the rapid levelling compound UZIN NC 172, double the amount of time can be saved: UZIN NC 172 can be applied directly onto existing surfaces in need of renovation, including over well-bonded, waterproof residues of adhesives and levelling compounds. The main time advantage of UZIN NC 172 BiTurbo in projects that are time critical is that it sets and is ready for floor covering in 1 hour. Therefore when used in a UZIN high speed system a complete renovation could be carried out in one day!


Step by step guide:

The extremely fast drying of UZIN NC 172 BiTurbo means renovations can be finished within a day without a problem.

Ernst Wohlleb
Head of technical services UZIN

NC 172 BiTurbo Cementitious Rapid Levelling Compound

Self smoothing, highly stressable and extremely fast compound for all floor coverings and wood flooring for thicknesses from 0 to 10 mm

  • ready to accept floor coverings after 1 hour*
  • hydraulical…

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