UZIN SC 912 Ergo Cementitious lightweight and filling mortar

Rapid lightweight and filling mortar for creation of extremely heat-insulating, cementitious bonded substrates with thicknesses from 6 to 100 mm

  • no deformations and low stress
  • quickly ready for covering


Main application area:

  • creation of lightweight screeds
  • creation of lightweight mortars in combination with the UZIN Turbolight®-System
  • for thicknesses from 6 - 100 mm

Extended application field:

  • floor height compensation
  • creation of a slope insulating layer or a slope compensation

Technical data

*At 20 °C and 65% relative humidity.

paper bag

Pack size

80 l / approx. 21 kg

Shelf life

min. 6 months

Water quantity

7.5 - 8 l per 21 kg bag




approx. 2.6 kg/m²/cm

Working time

approx. 30 minutes*

Ready for foot traffic

after approx. 12 hours*

Ready for covering

after approx. 48 hours*


composite: 6 - 100 mm

UZIN Turbolight® system

approx. 8 l per 21 kg bag


cured: approx. 320 kg/m³, powder: approx. 260 kg/m³

Heat transfer resistance

0.63 m²K/W (5 cm Schichtdicke)

Minimum application temperature

5 °C at ground level

Thermal conductivity

0.08 W/mK

Fire reaction

A2-s1 according to DIN EN 13 501-1

Ordering information

Article Item no. Packsize Shipping unit
UZIN SC 912 Ergo / 21 kg 83225 21 kg
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