With the opening of their new building in spring, 2004, Allianz Versicherungs AG reduced the number of their Munich locations from eight to four. As many as 2,800 employees are scheduled to begin working in the new administrate building in Unterföhring , Munich. Allianz wanted to save time and costs by using the cooperation of employees, but more importantly, this also took teamwork and direct communication.


Building type Office and management (International)
Area 50,000 m²
Country Germany

The resulting new building is captivating with its architecture and functionality. The slanted façade in particular, reaching over six stories high, presents an impressive eye-catcher.

A big challenge

Ecoline systems from the UZIN brand were used for the flooring work on an area of about 50,000 m². This posed a big challenge - not least because the installation business to execute it, Wilhelm Dressel Fussboden GmbH from Munich, only had three months to do it. A needle punch carpet Armstrong DLW Strong was installed.

Subfloor preparation

First, the calcium sulphate screed was thoroughly sanded with a grinding machine for levelling compounds with a size 16 grain abrasive paper. Next, it was vacuumed with an industrial vacuum cleaner.

Cracks or (crack inducer) joints in the substrate were professionally sealed by the installer team by using a one-hand angle grinder to make cuts about 20 to 25 centimetres long diagonal to the running direction in the gap. The cutting depth was about half of the screed thickness.

The cuts were first vacuumed with a powerful hoover; UZIN screed clamps were inserted and the cuts were poured full with the 2-component epoxy repair resin UZIN KR 419. The cold-setting multi-purpose resin especially takes into account the requirements of the floor layer, wood flooring, and tile layer expert, as it doesn’t develop odours during application, yet dries quickly and can be quickly reworked as a result. UZIN KR 419 is a fluid, fast-setting resin -  predominantly for sealing screed cracks - but is similarly suitable for repairing screeds and concrete.

Product advantages that particularly stand out, aside from the lack of odour during application, are the extreme speediness, the excellent adhesion to mineral or hard building materials, and the extremely high final strength and fast reaction time. Due to its fluidity, UZIN KR 419 also has outstanding penetrating and filling characteristics, and flows extremely well. The epoxy resin has excellent flank adhesion and is resistant to water, frost, and chemicals.

Still in new condition, these areas were strewn with the quartz sand UZIN fine sand 0.8, with grain size 0.3-0.8 mm, to guarantee good mechanical anchoring of the subsequent cementitious levelling compounds.

After the hardening time, the excess sand was swept away or vacuumed up with a stiff broom and a powerful industrial vacuum cleaner.

Ecological floor construction with Uzin Ecoline products

The entire subfloor preparation - i.e. the priming and bonding - was accomplished with super low-emission products. The choice was made to use ecological installation systems from UZIN, because odourlessness and clean room air were very important to the client.
The priming of the calcium sulphate screed floor was done with UZIN PE 60 Ecoline, a super low-emission, water-based universal primer with good penetrating properties.

It was applied evenly to the substrate in a rich, full layer with a Moltopren roller, with a consumption of 100-150 g/m². After a drying time of about 12-24 hours, work was able to start on levelling the substrate with the cement levelling compound UZIN NC 160 Ecoline.

UZIN NC 160 Ecoline is a super low-emission self-levelling cement floor-smoothing compound that is suitable for levelling, smoothing, and filling substrates indoors, for thicknesses up to 20 mm. It’s used in industrial areas with high stress.

After an appropriate drying time (one day per three millimetres of thickness), the levelled area was sanded again to enhance the finish quality and absorbency.

Adhering the needle felt floor covering

The installer’s choice was UZIN UZ 88 Ecoline, a super low-emission product. The advantages of this dispersion-based adhesive from the UZIN brand are mainly its high suction adhesion, its fast strength development on absorbent substrates, and a very high final strength. It develops a tough adhesive joint, which has a favourable effect on the dimensional stability of installed floor coverings, particularly near seams. Thus it is especially suited for tight or stubborn textile and needle punch floor coverings. For excellent technical functionality, this product simultaneously fulfils high requirements regarding worker safety, air quality, and environmental consistency.
UZIN UZ 88 was evenly applied with notch size B1 and a consumption of about 350-400 g/m². After the needle punch floor covering was installed and fully smoothed out, it was vigorously temper rolled again about twenty minutes later. Adhesive contaminants were removed with water by the installers, still in new condition.

Installing business Wilhelm Dressel Fussboden GmbH in Munich

Wilhelm Dressel Fussboden GmbH has been located in Munich for over 40 years. With a total of 40 employees, the company is today one of the biggest contractors in the area in and around Munich. In addition, the area of activity also extends to the entire federal territory and neighbouring countries. Participation in historical projects like the 1972 Olympics in Munich and the German Bundestag underscores the scope of their activity.

The range of services reaches from soil remediation, to professional installation of floor coverings of all kinds, to skirting boards, and removing old floor coverings including their disposal and humidity measurements.

Other references include the "Franz Josef Strauß" airport and the Großhadern Clinic in Munich, as well as the Waldschlösschen in Dresden.

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