Large-sized, country-style oak floorboards characterise the interior during reconstruction of an exclusive residence. The interior decorator’s concept includes a seamless, standardised room design of floors, doors, and furniture fixtures. The wood for this is sourced exclusively from local Bavarian forests. The interior design as a whole is oriented around the large-size floorboards.


Building type Residential buildings (International)

The triumvirate of wood supplier, master wood flooring business, and technical consulting from UZIN provides the expertise and products required for perfect execution. The interior designs prioritised natural building materials during planning, and focused on the oak in the floor. The country-style floorboards individually manufactured by Fendt Holzgestaltung in varying lengths from 350 to 550 cm and widths of 32 cm were coordinated with the wood in the doors, stairs, hand rails, and built-in furniture. All built-in pieces were finished in the same rich brown tone as the XXL floorboards, in Romanesque oak. To make sure the wood finish and colouring matched perfectly, the traditional business from the Unterallgäu only used wood from one logging area.

Challenging installation

The floor was at once the focal point and connecting element of the interior concept, which is distinguished by groups of rooms. This is why building owner and architect emphasised the perfect execution of all installation and integration work. To adhere the large-size floorboards on 300 m² of total area professionally and without hollow spots, screed has to be levelled out precisely first. In addition, the perfectly smooth floor height had to be established in all rooms, so that the wall joints and shadow gaps running around the floor, stairs, and doors would match throughout the house. The UZIN sales agents and wood flooring professionals Allmendinger from Ellwangen thus resolved to level the calcium sulphate flowscreed substrate with built-in underfloor heating with the self-levelling smoothing compound UZIN NC 170 LevelStar. The valid screed standard 18202 that regulates height tolerance was overridden, and the whole area was brought to the exact desired level with a pumping technique.

Levelling compound exceeds prescribed screed standard

The high-grade tempered premium levelling compound UZIN NC 170 LevelStar, which is spread on the dispersion-based primer UZIN PE 360 Plus, allows for a perfectly smooth surface with a homogeneous and uniform surface appearance. “On the completely flat surface, we were able to carry out a clean installation with no technical problems,” confirms Ingrid Allmendinger of Allmendinger Parkettmeister GmbH.

Ecological and technically secure bonding with UZIN MK 250

The large-size, three-layer floorboards were presorted according to the rooms before the shear-resistant installation. UZIN MK 250, the all-round talent of wood flooring adherence, is particularly shear-resistant, is easy to apply, and has excellent ridge formation and high suction adhesion. The floor is ready for foot traffic as soon as twelve hours afterwards. With a special floorboard notch, the wood flooring installer made sure that the adhesive would be wet enough for the large sizes. The floorboard pieces were adjusted precisely to the door and wall joints, skirting boards, and built-in furniture. “This first-class installation work was a masterful performance from the entire installation team” attests Markus Krieg, project consultant at UZIN. “That said, the basic requirements were the uncomplicated coordination, reliable collaboration, and experience.”

Perfectly formed room design

After the country-style floorboards in different lengths and widths were installed first in the first floor, then the ground floor, the doors and stairs were built in. The Allmendinger firm implemented this demanding task in just one week. The material was manufactured by Fendt Holzgestaltung in the same type of wood, colour, and surface finish as the wood flooring. All shadow gaps on the door frames and skirting boards were the same size. “It is the greatest diligence in execution that showcases the uniform design and ensures that the overall image is a harmonious one,” says Markus Krieg.

Health in living and sustainability

Sustainable dealings with the raw material wood, in manufacturing as well as application and installation, were important to all participants. That included environmentally friendly, sustainable building materials, just like the choice of regional companies. Primer and levelling compound have EPDs (environment product declarations), the adhesive is likewise solvent-free and super low-emission. It is designated with the Blue Angel and Emicode EC 1 Plus, and is therefore the first choice for an all-around healthy living climate indoors. 

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