Refurbishment measures to stock often mean unexpected challenges for planners and workers. The substrate in the district court of Neu-Ulm was extremely uneven, and limited the load-bearing capacity and structure height. As a solution for a fast, easy floor construction, a novel system of coordinated installation materials from UZIN was used, which allowed the uneven areas to be smoothed out with no transitions, by up to 300 mm.


Building type Public building (International)
Country Germany

Bavarian District Court of Neu-Ulm

Time crunch and uneven substrate

The expansion planned by the public building authority of Krumbach, the remodelling, and the refurbishment of the building in Schützenstraße was intended to be completed within a short time frame to allow court proceedings to continue without friction. This also included the fastest possible construction of a substrate dry for covering. While the popular cementitious screed UZIN CT30 was used in the entire ground floor of the three-story building, the planners presented bigger challenges for the two upper floors. Because the substrate here consisted of extremely uneven screw-fixed OSB and a simultaneously very limited structure height. In total, undulations between 20 and 120 mm had to be smoothed out on an area of 500 m² as quickly as possible, and after the refurbishing work, wood flooring had to be installed shear-resistant and solvent-free in all the rooms, in accordance with TRGS 610.

Fast, flexible floor smoothing

The planners at the public building authority of Krumbach contacted the Ufloor Systems consulting team. For quickly smoothing the large uneven areas in the existing substrate, the experts suggested the UZIN Turbolight system, an innovative system of installation materials coordinated with each other for manufacturing substrates that are quickly ready for covering. The system allows for fast, flexible, and large-area levelling out of grain diameters up to 300 mm, even at extremely low weight of floor covering and high strength. This floor construction is suitable even with limited structure height, outbursts, or overhanging ceilings. Another advantage that particularly plays a role when it comes to public buildings: The combination of tested components results in maximum security for the floor installer in case of a warranty claim, since they work from the substrate that supports the upper edge to the floor covering with established system materials.

Composition and effect of the new floor system

The Turbolight system consists of the fast-acting, light levelling mortar UZIN NC 194 Turbo, the renovation fleece UZIN RR 201 and the thin screed UZIN NC 195. The base structure of the system is formed by the light levelling mortar, which adjusts to uneven substrates flexibly and distributes the occurring loads at the outbreaks evenly on the bearing surface or the supporting ceiling. The second component of the system is the UZIN renovation fleece made from high-tensile long glass fibres. They are fastened with a water-solvent adhesive, which disintegrates as soon as the thin screed is applied as the third component. The reinforcement fibres combine with the thin screed to form a highly dense fibre compound plastic, which contributes to a high load bearing capacity of the overall system. In accordance with DIN 1055, it can fulfil all load requirements of class A for residential areas and B1 and B2 for office areas. 

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