Moments of well-being at the centre of the imperial city of Baden in Austria – this is the promise of the "At the Park" Hotel to its guests. One of the hotel's highlights is most certainly the unique location  overlooking the spa gardens and the Baden Casino. 63 cosy rooms and suits, a wellness area and the hotel's own wine cellar invite to lounge and relax making the stay quite refreshing and pleasant. The hotel underwent comprehensive renovation in 2013 where the structural features of the former park hotel were deliberately retained.


Building type Hotel and catering (International)
Area 2,200 m² wood floors | 600 m² textile floor covering
Country Austria

The task.

"Experience living" – was the motto of the hotel renovation. To make sure this experience was reflected in the rooms and also in the foyer, Gaster Co. from Traiskirchen was commissioned with redesigning the floor. 2,200 m² of wood flooring were installed in the lobby and rooms and approximately 600 m² of carpet in all hallways. Projects of this size are nothing unusual but to master them at a steady pace and skilfully high-quality products are necessary to complement the professional implementation. Utilising UZIN, Gaster Co.relies on a competent partner who contributes not only high-quality products but also the necessary experience.

The implementation.

Country-type floor boards were installed in the lobby on newly installed screed. The owners chose a three-ply Bawart country-type floor board from partially smoked oak, brushed and oiled with chamfer on the longitudinal side. To make sure this visual highlight is securely bonded for the long term, the hard elastic 1-component STP wood flooring adhesive UZIN MK 200 was used. It limits deformation of the wood thereby emphasising the optically sophisticated look. As moisture-curing adhesive UZIN MK 200 quickly develops its tack and work can therefore quickly continue after positioning the boards. High filling strength and quick setting support secure bonding allowing the application of loads and traffic on the bonded areas already after 12 hours. UZIN MK 200 has very good brush-on properties, is solvent-free and has very low emission; this makes it the ideal choice for large public areas.

In the rooms and hallways, flooring had to be built up on the existing old screed after the old textile floor covering had been removed. The super-fast primer UZIN PE 280 was used here. It achieves a coarse, rough substrate surface and thus optimises the bond with the subsequent levelling compound. This was followed by application of the self-levelling cementitious levelling compound UZIN NC 160. A smooth surface, which reduces the amount of adhesive for the following bonding tasks, was thus produced. The universal adhesive UZIN KE 16 was used in the hallways for the optimal installation of high-quality Vorwerk textile floor covering with the custom design "Forma”. Wood flooring in the guest rooms and suites was installed using UZIN MK 200.

The result.

2,800 m² high-quality textile floor covering and wood flooring please the guests and staff of the "At the Park" Hotels with each step walked. The lobby in particular has experienced a marked upgrade through the "make-over" and impresses by the exclusive floor surface with perfectly installed and finished country-type floor board look. The new luxury textile floor covering complements the high-quality ambience harmoniously. Conclusion: Gaster GmbH has given the "At the Park" Hotel a brand-new touch of class and demonstrated impressively that with the use of the right materials and installation products as well as the craftsmen's know-how large renovation projects can be realised both efficiently and elegantly. Furthermore, it has been shown once more that the products from UZIN not only stand out with special projects, but are also the first choice with "normal" renovation projects.

"The high-quality flooring products from UZIN can stand up to daily work and promise the right solution for any situation. We look forward to our further collaboration with such a great partner," says Thomas Gaster.

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