The new daycare centre Uferstädtchen was built in the middle of of Nuremberg’s metropolitan region, on the grounds of the Uferstadt Fürth business and science campus. The two-storey building, situated in the redeveloped district on the former Grundig area, provides space for three groups, a fitness room, and views of the renaturalised Pegnitz and the surrounding greenery.


Building type Educational institutions (International)
Area 600 m² screed
Country Germany

Healthy living materials and a light, friendly atmosphere characterise the rooms. Surrounded by office, lab, and research buildings, the new daycare centre focuses on pedagogical and architectural interests. Vertbaudet, the French operator of the facility, needed speed during construction. Thanks to UZIN’s rapid screed, the specialist for children’s clothes and accoutrements is already celebrating their opening after six months’ of construction. The fast building progress they needed even played a crucial role in designing the floor. The biggest thing was finding a solution for heated screed, 7 to 9 cm thick, on about 600 m².

Flooring structure with high requirements

“With the low-shrinkage and highly dimensionally stable rapid cement UZIN SC 970, we have a new development that is positively predestined for this project,” comments Uwe Kunzelmann, screed technician at UZIN. “This is how fast screeds that are defined as ready for covering and can be heated early are able to be produced - even in unfavourable climate conditions.” “A conventional screed with a drying time of about 28 days plus wait time is out of the question here due to the extremely short construction time over the winter,” acknowledges Klaus Pfannes, project manager of the commissioned architecture firm, Kunzendorf. “We needed a reliable screed construction that could be planned out, met the schedule, and has even shorter drying time than conventional screeds.”

UZIN SC 970: rapid hardening without humidity development

The new rapid screed binding agent from UZIN stays ahead of the game; with its accelerated, low-shrinkage hardening process, it allows for fast building progress. The screed is firm and ready for foot traffic as soon as sixteen hours later, and the heating function can be proceeded with three days after installation, followed by laying the floor covering after ten to fourteen days. Architect Pfannes: “Despite the lack of air supply, no condensation formed from the first day on. We also didn’t lose any time, and the incoming crews were able to continue processing right away since it was ready for foot traffic early.”

Jointless and dimensionally stable on large areas

Using the new product was also supported by the fact that it can be installed jointless on large areas of up to 200 m² and still remain dimensionally stable - without curling and lowering edges. “The substrate must be completely even on the entire area for the resilient floor covering, this was especially important in the big rooms,” explains Uwe Kunzelmann. “We only put in movement joints at the door thresholds, for security.” With current screed technique, the cement can be applied quickly and easily removed. The open application time of up to two hours is another advantage for the screed layer. With the mixing ratio 1:6, it also reaches the high strength class CT-C30-F5. Therefore the low material requirement makes manufacturing the cementitious screed especially economical, as well.

Environmentally friendly floors: certified and super low-emission

As with many public buildings, there was great sensitivity with the new daycare centre building regarding emissions indoors. In this respect as well, the problem solver was a winning choice with fast, shrinkage-free floor construction on a large area. Because the new rapid cement, UZIN SC 970, is very low-emission and – the first of its kind in the industry – has been awarded Emicode EC1R Plus and Giscode ZP 1. With the first emission certification of the low-shrinkage rapid cement, UZIN contributes to the ability to plan out a healthy indoor climate. Because the reliably tested products offer contractors and planners proof that they are working with certified, low-emission floor systems, from the upper edge of the supporting substrate to the floor covering.

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